Hot Diggity Dog

Basically the only thing I learned from counting calories was that I could get away with eating two or three donuts and still be under the recommended amount for a day.

I downloaded the app to keep track and keep myself in line since I had started falling off the wagon. Fail! Eating crappy is like running and jumping on a slip n slide. Once you’re on it you sure aren’t stopping until you crash and burn baby CRASH AND BURN. I’m kidding it wasn’t that bad, or at least it’s not that bad yet. Luckily, I continue to workout and have yet to gain anything back. Actually still lost more.

I love working out. I just really really love food too. All food, I’m not biased. Healthy, not healthy whatever, I’ll eat it. Mmmmmmmm and alcohol. How the hell to people stay in check with their eating habits?? Just trying to find a happy medium over here. Which surely isn’t easy Co owning a donut business….. Whoa is me!

I get asked a lot what I eat, do I meal prep and plan or follow a diet plan. No, no I don’t prep any meal and literally have no idea how to plan a meal, or anything in my life for that matter. How the hell am I supposed to know what I’m going to want to eat in four days????? So here’s what o I eat. REAL FOOD. REAL FOOD. No processed, boxed up prepackaged crap. Even with the bad food creeping back into my life (mostly sweets) I still eat a fair amount of real food, definitely no fast food. I quit liking soda last year when I was pregnant (thank you little baby!)

I think my life goal for eating is to just eat real food. There’s just some things I will never go back to because of how disgusting they taste after have the real deal, changing my taste buds and making them snobs. Boxed mashed potatoes. Lunchables. Hot pockets. I’ve become picky about pizza and sauce. Bread. Store bought eggs are utterly disgusting.  There’s so much….. Hot dogs. Ugh gross.


Peace!! ✌

P.s. I have a billion blogs half written and I just suck at finding the time to put it on here!!!!!





Author: bombshell365

My thoughts run wild. My words are jumbled. Have fun!

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