Dear Brain

Dear Brain,

I do believe you missed the memo that we aren’t hippo size anymore. I’m going to need you to catch up and get with the program, quit trying to trick me into thinking I’m bigger than I actually am. I would also appreciate it if you would quit making me so self conscious when I wear my new form fitting clothing. I know, I know we’re used to wearing leggings and baggy hoodies to “hide” the body, or the boyfriends clothes because that’s all that fits. But seriously, people are beginning to yell at me to get rid of my fat girl clothes! We have worked very hard to achieve these goals (and will continue to do so) and with bathing suit season rapidly approaching, I need you to get your shit together so I can start trying on bikinis without having a panic attack and crying in the dressing room.


Michelle’s I just  lost fifty pounds new body

P.s. Could you also try hiding the dumb blonde people are starting to notice. Thanks




Author: bombshell365

My thoughts run wild. My words are jumbled. Have fun!

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