Little Too Much Summer Fun

As I sit here on the verge of tears and slightly embarrassed, I have to admit it, to myself and anyone reading this. I can not keep (trying) to lie about it because I need the accountability. I done fucked up and I gained weight back. I’m completely flabbergasted as to how this happened. Oops wait, must quit lying. I know exactly how it happened. Tacos and margaritas. Beer. Camping, birthdays and just way too much fun over the summer. Its hard to say exactly how much my I gained. Around 10 pounds. My weight had been fluctuating between 145 and 150 and got as low as 140 and now its between 150 and 158. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH why, why did I do this. I worked so fucking hard last year and I got sexy af now I’ve turned back into a potato. Tis the season, since Halloween is coming up I might as well dress as a PUMPKIN. No no no that’s why I am here to stfu and get this under control before I’m right back where I started.

Uggggghhhhh my trainer is going to be sooooo mad at me!

Working out was never the problem, I will never stop going to the gym. But that doesn’t even matter if you eat and drink like shit.

I am obsessed with challenges so I tend to join the 12 week challenge at my gym. So after posting this I will be recommitting to the group. Recommitting to me. I will also be getting a airtight plan in place. AND NO FREAKING ALCOHOL

I need a goal to work towards. I’m thinking Victoria secret model by the new year???? Ya, ya that sounds great. On a real note I just really need my skinny girl clothes to begin fitting me properly again. They were getting a little snug, making me really nervous. I was looking good af this past summer in my new dresses and shorts and I plan on being even better next year.

Oi. I never thought I would be one that this would happen too. But I’m glad I’m choosing to fix it rather than get all mad at myself and fall completely off and give up.



Fat Girl Problems

  • Unable to see your feet
  • Unable to see your lady junk
  • Chub rub
  • Especially when the Chub rub wears out the inner thighs of your pants
  • Poor balance when putting on pants
  • Sitting down to put in socks
  •  Tying shoes 😂😂😂
  • Leaning awkwardly to one side to wipe 
  • Unable to cross legs to sit like a “lady”
  • The debate of whether or not you can fit between spaces
  • Not being able to fit between spaces and knocking shit over with your massive boobs belly or butt (never had to worry about the butt because I just had a back with a line in it)
  • Roller coasters
  • Seat belts
  • Painting toes nails
  • Sitting at a booth in a restaurant
  • “Ooo when are you due” …bitch I am not pregnant just fat. Geez get your shit together people, don’t ever ask that!!
  • When your boobs steal all the fabric from a shirt and needing to wear an under shirt to hide belly. Stupid layers
  • Hugging amd being able to actually wrap your arms around someone (which I didn’t even realize a difference until my bf and I lost a bunch of weight and hugged each other)
  • Getimg stuck in clothes in a fitting room
  • Shaving legs
  • No lap for my kids to sit on becaise it was being eaten by a belly
  • Tiny seats at a movie theater or other events. Recently discovered the extra room on an airplane seat

Barf, granny panties or ugly ass bras.


What am I missing??